cterasdk.edge.ssh module

cterasdk.edge.ssh module#

class cterasdk.edge.ssh.SSH(edge)#

Bases: BaseCommand

Edge Filer SSH daemon APIs

enable(public_key=None, public_key_file=None, exponent=65537, key_size=2048)#

Enable the Edge Filer’s SSH daemon

  • public_key (str,optional) – A PEM-encoded public key in OpenSSH format. If neither a public key nor public key file were specified, an RSA key pair will be generated automatically. The PEM-encoded private key will be saved to the default Downloads directory

  • public_key_file (str,optional) – A path to the public key file

  • exponent (int,optional) – The public exponent of the new key, defaults to 65537

  • key_size (int,optional) – The length of the modulus in bits, defaults to 2048