cterasdk.asynchronous.core.cloudfs module

cterasdk.asynchronous.core.cloudfs module#

class cterasdk.asynchronous.core.cloudfs.CloudDrives(core)#

Bases: BaseCommand

Cloud Drive Folder APIs

default = ['name']#
async find(name, owner, include=None)#

Find a Cloud Drive Folder

  • name (str) – Name of the Cloud Drive Folder to find

  • owner (cterasdk.core.types.UserAccount) – User account of the folder group owner

  • include (list[str]) – List of metadata fields to include in the response


A Cloud Drive Folder

class cterasdk.asynchronous.core.cloudfs.CloudFS(core)#

Bases: BaseCommand

CloudFS APIs


drives (cterasdk.core.cloudfs.CloudDrives) – Object holding Cloud Drive Folders APIs