cterasdk.edge.nfs module#

class cterasdk.edge.nfs.NFS(edge)#

Bases: BaseCommand

Edge Filer NFS configuration


Disable NFS


Enable NFS


Get the current NFS configuration

Return cterasdk.common.object.Object:


Check if the NFS server is disabled

modify(async_write=None, aggregate_writes=None, mountd_port=None, statd_port=None, nfsv4_enabled=None, krb5_enabled=None, nfsd_host=None)#

Modify the FTP Configuration. Parameters that are not passed will not be affected

  • async_write (bool,optional) – If True, use asynchronous writes

  • aggregate_writes (bool,optional) – If True, aggregate write requests

  • mountd_port (int,optional) – Instruct mountd to bind to a specific port

  • statd_port (int,optional) – Instruct statd to bind to a specific port

  • nfsv4_enabled (bool,optional) – Enable NFSv4

  • krb5_enabled (bool,optional) – Enable Kerberos. Note that NFS4V must be enabled to enable Kerberos

  • nfsd_host (str,optional) – Instruct nfsd to bind to a specific network interface. Set to an empty string to clear