End User Portal

Instantiate a Services Portal object

class cterasdk.object.Portal.ServicesPortal(host, port=None, https=True)

Main class for Service operations on a Portal

__init__(host, port=None, https=True)
  • host (str) – The fully qualified domain name, hostname or an IPv4 address of the Portal

  • port (int,optional) – Set a custom port number (0 - 65535), If not set defaults to 80 for http and 443 for https

  • https (bool,optional) – Set to True to require HTTPS, defaults to True

user = ServicesPortal('portal.ctera.com') # will use HTTPS over port 443


for any certificate related error, this library will prompt for your consent in order to proceed. to avoid the prompt, you may configure chopin-core to automatically trust the server’s certificate, using: config.http['ssl'] = 'Trust'

Logging in


Verification check to ensure the target host is a Portal.

ServicesPortal.login(username, password)

Log in

  • username (str) – User name to log in

  • password (str) – User password

user.login('walice', 'G3neralZ0d!')

Log out